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Georgia CPR

Georgia CPR – AED Demonstration


Georgia CPR was founded in 2004. Ben Karp, owner and president of Georgia CPR had heard countless stories of mind numbing, boring CPR classes in Altnata. These stories were of CPR Classes that are taught as quickly as possible just to issue the much needed certification cards.

With the low numbers of bystanders willing to help in an emergency, there was a strong need for top quality training as well as certification. Survival from emergencies most often hinges on the willingness and enthusiasm of the minimally trained bystander.

Quality CPR classes in Atlanta can’t be last when safety comes first.

The focus of Georgia CPR, LLC has always been and will continue to be, to empower students to step up in an emergency. Simply, do the best you can to save that human being. Knowledge and skills play a large part in this goal, but it’s the way a class is presented that helps the provider go the extra mile to save a life.

Emergencies are frightening. Georgia CPR wants as many people in the public to be willing, as well as prepared, to help that victim in their time of need. Learn to save a life, be willing to save a life. There are few things in life worth more.

If your last CPR class Atlanta was sub-par, contact us to teach your next one. Georgia CPR will get the job done with an enjoyable, thorough CPR class.